About Us

Hello My name is Chris and I am the person that decided to build www.playbombermanonline.com a fan website dedicated to adding only the best Bomberman games that are avaliable online. I just had to bring back my childhood memories of these game. Me and my bro growing up loved to drop bombs on eachother, playing Super Bomberman games on the SNES. It was so much fun. So Creating a website that I and all the other fans could enjoy was a no brainer for me.  These games can be played on PC, MAC or Chromebooks online through your favorite web browsers. These games will not work on Android, IOS tablet or mobile devices, Sorry!.  I tried hard to make sure this website loads as fast as possible and has an easy nice design that everyone can navigate. I made the game thumbnail icons extra large so people with vision problems can easily find and load the game they want. All games also include a Youtube Walkthrough, just incase you get stuck nin a hard area and need some reference on the best way to pas sthe area. I do not claim rights to any of the fan created or abandonware classic games on this website. This is simply a online  fan games site that I hope everyone that visits will enjoy.I wanted to make the best online games website about Bomberman that I could. Have Fun droping and dodging those bombs.